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Claim and exchange of goods


Claim :  

Any complaints will be filled in accordance with applicable law (Civil Code, for individuals, the Commercial Code for legal entities).

The claim for the guarantee may lapse if:

  • The goods were damaged in transit (Obvious damage to the goods or their packaging must be addressed immediately with the carrier. Such customer is not obliged to accept goods from the carrier and the observed damage must immediately inform the dealer).
  • Goods have been used inappropriately in unsuitable conditions, or for any other purpose than intended.

How to claim :

  • Tell us about a claim by telephone or e-mail.

  • Goods sent by registered parcel to our address.

  • Describe the reason for the claim and attach a copy of the invoice.

Your complaint will be filled as quickly as possible and no later than 30 days from its inception. Claim does not apply to second-hand things, goods on sale and purchase of goods specified in advance with a defect.

In the case of a justified claim pay the cost of shipping back to the customer J+J Style Ltd., in the case an unjustified claim customer pays these costs. Transport costs to suppliers are always paid by the customer.

Order cancellation:  

  • Orders can be canceled by phone or e-mail if the state orders accepted, but the goods have been dispatched.

  • Please note customers who ordered goods on delivery and not take this item after the time of the deposit returned back to us at the address that will be taught in the public list of "unreliable customers" and they will be charged the cost of postage cancellation fee of 10% of the value of goods ordered, but at least CZK 300 and interest on arrears, which is set at 0.05% of the amount due for each day of delay. Please note that all outstanding debt (the cost of postage, cancellation fees and interest) shall be referred to enforcement, including all costs associated with it.

  • In case of persistent interest in the return shipment will be sent again, but only after payment of the amount of the ordered goods in advance to our bank account.


The exchange of goods:  


    If necessary (eg, inappropriate size, etc..), You unused and undamaged goods we will replace the previous agreement. If the goods without any obvious signs of wear or damage, we announce you the new desired size, color, or other goods. Procedure:



    Send us an e-mail that will contain your user name, invoice number, and information on the exchange of goods. Example: model: 2048, large S, size M for 2048, etc. On this basis, we will send you an email with a proposal about the fastest way of taking / sending the returned goods.



    Goods must be returned undamaged, with no signs of use or wear. In the event that the order amounted to an amount higher than 699Kc, postage for a first exchange of charge. Repeated exchange of the same order, the charges associated with the transport of charge.


About cession from the contract :  

  • Buyer (non-business) is according to § 53 paragraph 6 of the Act. No. 40/1964 Coll. (Obc. Act), the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods. If so, follow the steps below.



    Send us an e-mail that will contain your user name and invoice number, along with bank account number to which you after receipt of the goods will be returned. On this basis, we will send you information about the fastest way of taking / sending the returned goods.


    Goods must be returned undamaged, with no signs of wear or use, in original packaging and sent back within that 14 day period. Shipments sent COD will not be taken over by the seller. Goods must be in perfect condition, capable of resale.


    Of the total amount will be charged postage and packing charges in full regardless of whether the buyer paid fees when buying or not. In case of any damage to the goods or part of the cost of a new package of measures, or the repair of the goods of the total amount deducted.


  • All goods are inspected before shipment and packed properly, so the return and exchange make sure that the goods were returned in the same condition that you avoid penalties and possible complications associated with this.


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