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Conditions of Use


All orders are considered for both parties as binding. Customer placing an order confirming that they agree with the rules of trade, the complaint procedure and to familiarize himself with the provisions on the protection of personal data.



  • So that we can offer our services, we need to know some of your personal data. We respect your privacy, so we try to minimize the amount of data on the most essential data and protect against misuse. Our work with personal data is fully subject to legal standards, particularly the law on personal data protection.

Personal data:

  • Since you as a customer of a natural person must require the purchase of the following information: name, complete mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address. This information is needed to identify you, to communicate with you to implement the sale of goods and accounting of your payment for the goods. If you buy as a company also need to address head office, registration number and VAT number.


  • On all the photographs we have approval to use purchased license or ownership of J + J Style Ltd and are subject to copyright. Usage of photos without our permission is illegal and punishable. If you wish to use our photos please contact us.

Information about your business:

  • Information about your purchases, your complaints and other activities in our shop are also confidential and subject to the same safety rules as working with personal data.


  • All data about you and your purchases can be obtained by protecting against abuse, we do not give anyone else (except for companies providing freight forwarding services, or payments that it receives the minimum customer information required for the smooth execution of a particular order) and serve only to provide our quality services. We reserve the right to use your information to inform you about sales, news and other marketing activities. In each sent the following e-mail is how we simply say that you do not want this and we prohibit such use. You have the right to tell us in writing of any change, addition, elimination of the application for all your personal information you previously provided to us.

Your consent.

  • By using our online store you consent to the collection and use of personal data in the proportions indicated and agree with the above rules.


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